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Random Searches from the Past Month

October 15, 2009
Random Searches from the Past Month

Amusing ones (to me):

  • who is the author of i am a tree?

Why, me, of course. This used to be known as The Gamer’s Nook.

Sad ones:

  • when husbands don’t talk

That one seriously saddens me…

IVF ones (some doozies in here…):

  • Surviving IVF
  • survive negative news IVF
  • what was your ivf protocol at cornell
  • male guide to ivf
  • mans guide to ivf
  • ivf and husbands
  • ivf description for men
  • ivf failed oh well i can get pissed then
  • ivf humor
  • ivf husbands
  • ivf husbands point of view
  • ivf is bullshit
  • ivf survival guide
  • information for husbands going through ivf
  • how to tell your wife no to ivf
  • how to deal with a failed ivf
  • can i get ivf with a married man

Some seriously raw feelings there, and that last one? Umm… yeah.  It also reinforces to me that I need to write more about the whole IVF thing, especially with a new cycle looming.

And a whole shitload looking for Watchmen and Pink Floyd quotes, based on single post references. Weird seeing what people search on…

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