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Daily Tweets for 2009-10-20

October 19, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-10-20
  • I don't envy Jersey voters: Corzine is a douchebag, but Christy seems even worse. I'd vote Daggett, myself. #
  • Can't WAIT to see how messed up the NYC gubernatorial campaign will be. Paterson is a fuggin' idiot. #
  • Okay, off to shower then Jersey. #
  • er…Boston #
  • heh #
  • Sitting in the Delta Shuttle terminal at LGA. Much more civilized than regular terminals. Very small security lines. #fb #
  • Can't believe they are sending me to Boston for three days to teach a simple web page. It's for submitting print jobs to the copy center. #
  • Waiting for a cab. #
  • Well, the training is going to be a mishmash of things. It's a vendor's product, and I was just given the changes, 30 mins before class. #
  • Not quite sure why they brought me up here, as the vendor can do all the training, too. #
  • Oh, man – Wil Wheaton is on Big Bang tonight? Sounds teh awesumz. #
  • One down, two to go for today. Went very well, cos, well, I rock. #
  • Oof. Rough crowd this time. They spent the session bitching about the business center. #
  • Next class about to start. #
  • I think I'm gonna pack up and head to the hotel. #
  • Mmmm. Home-made chocolate chip cookies for the win. A taste of home some two hundred miles away. #
  • This Jenna Elfman show is as horrible as I thought it would be #

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