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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-10-31, Royal Oak, MI

November 4, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-10-31, Royal Oak, MI

Wow, this year’s Hallowe’en show is a smoker. Traditionally, Railroad pulls out the stops for Hallowe’en, and this year’s was no exception. The first set contains a number of gems, including two songs broken into separate sections with the inclusion of different songs within them. Fantastic stuff.  I love Kid on the Mountain, too, I must say.  Coupled with Through the Gates, debuted earlier in the week, and there are even more Celtic fiddle tunes making their way into the sets. I hope both stay.

Oh, and Gretna Green.  This is another Jack Hardy tune — Dover to Dunkirk is also his. I definitely hope this one stays in rotation.

Also here are recordings of the post-show picking that happened out in the crowd and in the lobby. Haven’t gotten to that yet, but it’s nice to see it being done.

Railroad Earth
October 31, 2009
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, Michigan


Wayward Roots


Railroad Earth:

Set 1:

01 crowd
02 Elko
03 Happy Song
04 The Cuckoo
05 Mess Intro –>
06 Stillwater Getaway –>
07 bass solo
08 I Am A Mess
09 Little Bit O’ Me *
10 Like a Buddha –>
11 Kid on The Mountain –>
12 Like a Buddha

Set 2:

01 crowd
02 Dance Around Molly –>
03 Dandelion Wine
04 The Forecast
05 Black Bear
06 Crossing the Gap
07 Mighty River
08 1759
09 Lovin’ You
10 Long Way To Go


11 Gretna Green
12 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo
13 crowd
14 announcement
15 pickin’ song #1 – theatre main floor @
16 pickin’ song #2 – theatre main floor @
17 party moves to theatre lobby @
18 pickin’ song #3 – theatre lobby @

* with Erin Zindle (Ragbirds) on violin

@ post encore pickin’ with John Skehan, Andy Goessling,
  TJ Zindle (Ragbirds) and members of Wayward Roots

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