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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-04

December 4, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-04
  • RT @czarinakem: Fact of Life: After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F. #
  • Another one of those weirdly translated articles about RRE (I think it was in Czech): http://bit.ly/4LKDYh #
  • train finally showed up. Voice remains non-existent. Joy. Should make for fin tomorrow! #
  • As expected, the final episode of Dollhouse will be called "Epitaph Two: The Return". Okay, didn't expect "The Return" part of the title. #
  • I've noticed that any Seven Story Mountain that really engages me, likely has Todd very engaged in the intro. See 11.28.09 for example. #
  • And I guess "engage" is Word of the Day. How engaging. #
  • Unemployment drop 0.2% this past month. Good sign. #
  • I feel a Pandora day coming on. #
  • Come listen to Hobo Radio – acoustic, bluegrass, and celtic music. http://bit.ly/6mIwDR #
  • I love Pandora – just heard Cherryholmes for the first time – tune called My True Love. Like it a lot. #
  • And now Buddha from ELKO. #
  • Finally getting some Celtic music on the stream. The Chieftains, Carolan's Concerto. Turlough O'Carolan was a harp master/composer. #
  • And now some Natalie MacMaster – she rocks fiddle something fierce. #
  • Why should I know Uncle Tupelo? Some band rose from that one, didn't it? #
  • Oooh…Fairport Convention! #
  • Not sure if the retweet went through, but here's a great op-ed by Cynthia Nixon on NYS's voting down gay marriage: http://bit.ly/6YHjLH #
  • It's an excellent article about how a state senator from the Bronx changed her mind to Yes. #
  • Here's another Jack Hardy tune for Todd to bust out: Go Tell the Saviour. Might be more recent than when Todd was in his band, but it's good #
  • Ooh, Todd may know it — it's from 1973. #
  • And so it begins. 🙂 #fb http://tweetphoto.com/5843832 #
  • Much bigger than this may seem. That's a lot of dough. #fb http://tweetphoto.com/5849906 #
  • Rolls. #fb http://tweetphoto.com/5851181 #

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