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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2.13.05, Mystic Theater

December 7, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2.13.05, Mystic Theater

Prompted by a twitter discussion this morning about the merits of Barry Sless over Fake Jerry of DSO, I offer up this show from 2005, the day after Railroad Earth played with Phil Lesh and Friends. Phil was supposed to sit in this night with Railroad, but bailed due to sickness. Barry stepped up to the plate for pretty much the entire first set, both electric and pedal steel.

Everything is worth listening to here, but be warned that the streaming player’s tracklisting gets messed up.

Railroad Earth
Mystic Theater
Petaluma, CA

KM 254's
Taped/transfered by Sandy A.

CD 1

Set I:

Magic Foot> 
Luxury Liner*
Railroad Earth*
Black Bear*
I'm A Mess* 

CD 2

Set II:

Mourning Flies
Sing For Me
Saddle of the Sun> 
Carrying Coal to Newcastle
Mighty River

CD 3

Peace on Earth 


Smilin' Like a Buddha
Catfish John
Little Rabbit 

Notes:  * with Barry Sless on pedal Steel & guitar

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