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…and just like that, the spirit moves me

December 10, 2009
…and just like that, the spirit moves me

1251 Avenue of the Americas, originally uploaded by Kyrion.

Kim sent me on a mission today to scout out pashminas at any of the various holiday fairs that sprout up around the city at this time of year. I usually shop over at the St. Bart’s fair on Park, but that was quite a trip from the office, so I ambled down Sixth Avenue to Bryant Park to see what I could find.

Surprisingly, what I walked into was quite the well-done shopping area. Not as crammed as the one down in Union Square (still the best one, though, for sheer size and off-the-wall stuff), there was room to feel relaxed. It probably helped that the crowds didn’t really enter the park — they were all headed over to Times Square it seemed, and the stream of people inside the park was manageable.

I was only inside for maybe ten minutes — enough time to find the booth I needed — and then strolled down a couple of the lanes of shops. Cookies, chocolate, coffee, clothing, jewelry… and the distant chiming of the hand-bell used by the Salvation Army to bring people to their donation kettle (or whatever it’s called). Music was quietly playing in the background. The brisk air helped, too — I was dressed properly for once when it comes to these things, and wasn’t freezing at all.

I guess it was a combination of all these things, as I suddenly found myself smiling in midtown Manhattan on a cold December day. I felt the spirit of the season suddenly and you know what? It’s nice. Will it last? Who knows, but for the moment, I’m feeling a glow that only New York City brings one at this time of year.

Even if I’m about to go into a long meeting. In my mind, I’ll still hear the bells chiming and the music quietly playing.

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