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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-14

December 14, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-14
  • RT @RailroadEarth: RRE Family Holiday Offer!… http://bit.ly/6TLI6Y #
  • Good morning, twitterverse. Another Monday. #
  • Have a great week! #
  • I just love being told as I'm about to train a new hire that the need something extra, not part of the normal training… #
  • …they could have told me on Friday, so I would have the material handy. #
  • Grrr… #
  • Waiting on my Tampa trainee to call me back. Apparently, he had to move his car from a meter…. #
  • 25 mins after training was scheduled to begin, I have heard nothing. #
  • RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a limited edition #Caprica USB drive to a random person who RTs this note 3pm ET on 12/18 – http://bit.ly/8Ng5aa #
  • I hate IT people who assume I know exactly what they're talking about, and there's zero context to decipher things from. #
  • Granted, frequently I do, but there are times… #
  • Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. – Voltaire #
  • I think some bourbon and lemonade is called for when I get home…and I need to get the tree out of the basement. #
  • Decking the halls and trimming the tree! #

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