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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-16

December 16, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-16
  • From Good Homes will be offering high quality, unedited soundboard/audience matrix recordings of both Wellmont… http://bit.ly/4y37g1 #
  • Wind chill in the teens out there…not looking forward to leaving the house. #
  • Brrrr! Warming up on the train to RRE 11.28.09. 7SM to be precise. #
  • Interesting article on the changing world of Goldman Sachs: http://bit.ly/7NqMfR #
  • Big project I'm lead on got a sudden bump in priority. Rollout in mid-late Jan through February. #
  • Looks like i may get some nice OT out of it. #
  • Ahh, work-related gifts start arriving. The building's gift to us this year is a water bottle with a felt case. ooh, fancy. #
  • 65 years ago today ni 1944, the Battle of the Bulge started as Germany made one last push against the West in an attempt to win the war. #
  • http://ow.ly/LVDB WW2 museum's page on the Bulge, with footage I've never seen before. Band of Brothers had an ep on this… #
  • Off on a mission to Bryant Park in the cold! #
  • Mission successful! #
  • I just love notes on documentation that are too broad to interpret easily. #
  • Seriously, this one note is giving me stress. And they wonder why this fucking project isn't done? #
  • "We need more balls!" #

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