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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-17

December 17, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-17
  • Bed. Good night, all. #
  • Phone rang earlier than the alarm; wrong number (same person all the time), but I thought it was about my mom…she's getting up there at 80 #
  • What's the rumpus? #
  • Holy Shit! Iron Man 2 trailer (thanks @onalark!) http://bit.ly/4DIKSW #
  • finally caught up on Dollhouse. Americans are stupid for not watching this one and letting Fox cancel it. Fantastic show. #
  • Cos when it's upside, downside, inside out, what more can you say? #
  • This never gets old: http://bit.ly/8wBYIW #
  • Riverdance returns to RCMH, March 16-21st, 2010. Looks like it may be the farewell tour. #
  • Here's the scoop: http://bit.ly/7K7shy #
  • Bonus letter arrived and it doesn't suck! I even got money from that stupid Stars program. Like, four times what I got from it last year. #
  • 800# gorilla complete…for nwo! #
  • now, even. <rolls eyes> #
  • How did I not know that Russell Crowe is starring as Robin Hood w/Cate Blanchette, and directed by Ridley Scott??? Next May! #
  • Trailer here: http://bit.ly/6nidfN #
  • RT @alronquillo: this made me laugh! RT @BJMendelson: Jack Bauer vs. Santa http://bit.ly/8J59X3 <<awesome #
  • It's frigid out. Was down in Bryant Park again…the rink, tree and ambience down there is great, and it's not as crowded as Rock Center. #
  • Y'all are quiet today. #

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