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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-23

December 23, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-23
  • Wow, nice looking theater. #
  • Timothy Leary is dead. No-o-o-o he's outside…looking in. #
  • Hmmm….system slowness is still here this AM. #
  • And just like that, everything sped way the hell up. #
  • …or not. #
  • The Daily Weather Tweet: windchill around 0 farenheit. Had to trudge through snow at one point on way to train. Snow boots are great. #
  • I hate when they decide the OTHER train s leaving first, forcing everyone to move. #
  • I went to the M&M Store to pick up holiday ones, and it doesn't open until 10 AM. Blech. Hershey store is across from it. Need to hit both. #
  • How To Train Your Dragon trailer: http://bit.ly/6AwW37 <<looks great! #
  • They've killed Fritz! Those lousy, stinking yellow fairies! http://bit.ly/5MDOsw #
  • 30 years ago today: Boston Bruins vs. MSG fans. Legendary. http://bit.ly/5rFxQI #
  • Video of the famous incident: http://bit.ly/2pIVpP #
  • FYI, bass player of Cabinet is named Dylan Skursky. #
  • <pokes Tyler> #
  • Melody Gardot: Baby I'm a Fool. http://bit.ly/nram #
  • Just opened my supervisor's gift: $25 Amazon card and some honey & almond brittle. #

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