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Daily Tweets for 2009-12-29

December 29, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-12-29
  • Morning all. Winding sounds fierce out there this morning. #
  • And by winding, I mean wind. Meh. #
  • Holy crap it's rough outside this morning. Wind chill around 10. #
  • USB Plasma Balls are totally cool. Just hooked up mine at work. #
  • The barriers for Broadway and 7th Ave. are piled up waiting to be installed for Thursday night. #
  • I walk across Seventh to my office from the subway, and man, it always boggles my mind to realize how many people show up for the ball drop. #
  • My HSX port has grown 99.24% this year, from 27+ million. A silly game, but fun and doesn't require much thought or time. #
  • Oh, so it's FOX threatening to pull their channels from Time Warner, if not paid $1 per subscriber? They make it seem they're the victim. #
  • http://bit.ly/864FnD for details. #
  • Very happy to have Cablevision, and man, I never thought I'd say that. #
  • what is it called when you typo an intentional typo? #
  • funny, the typo ended up being correct. #
  • RT @kendiala: Even a Mac can't fix stupid. I am just saying. #
  • RT @TheLastBrunch: Twittering Karl Rove pickup lines: Follow this hashtag: #Rovepickuplines Farkin' hilarious #
  • Is there anything quite so tedious on a computer as uploading files? It's like watching grass grow, except that's fun cos it's outside. #
  • Home is where the heart lies, so that's where I'm goin'! #

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