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Memories of forgotten days

January 6, 2010
Memories of forgotten days

A relic of another age, originally uploaded by Kyrion.

This photo brings back a ton of memories. The year is 1973, and I’m in sixth grade at Duffy Elementary School in West Hartford, CT. One of the cool things us sixth graders got to do was go on an autumn camping trip in the middle of the school week. I think we left on Monday and came back on Thursday.

I remember this, because the show UFO was on Monday nights, and we had a small black and white television in our cabin and we all crowded around it to try and watch it. We pretty much failed, due to bad reception, but I do remember seeing the UFO spinning on that old set.

I look at this photo and remember being the smallest kid in my class, and as we all moved over to Junior High the following year, I became the smallest kid in the school. This continued until we moved on to high school and I finally got my growth spurt in 10th grade.

But this photo, this trip…it really reminds me of things long forgotten. For example, on the third night, we went on a sleep-out with tents we had to make ourselves. The group I was with made a mess of ours, so we just draped all sizes of tents over it until it was comfortable. Mr. Golis, our teacher, swung by to check on us, and spent time telling us stories. He was a young teacher, a product of the Sixties and the counter-culture. He was hip, and man, we all loved him.

What I remember about this trip, too, is that we were unsupervised while camping out. Sixth graders, all alone in the night. That would never happen now, but back then? No big deal. We had a blast, too.

Thanks to my old best buddy, Brian, for sending this along today.

Oh, and that’s me, third from the left.

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