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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-07

January 7, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-07
  • RT @whedonesque: Dollhouse is back on tomorrow, don't forget to watch. #
  • Busy, busy, busy… #
  • I am =so= glad I didn't cultivate a friendship with the fired manager here-he's been calling HR and throwing all NY IT under the bus… #
  • …with information told him in confidence. #
  • there's a good lesson there in keeping one's trap shut. #
  • But boo to HR on even taking his calls. I suspect nothing can be done based on what he says…but still, red flags raised are hard to fight. #
  • Just got my H1N1 shot. Better late than never. #
  • Farmville seems down to me at the moment. #
  • One Haven website now up: http://bit.ly/4ZyN2u #

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