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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-13

January 13, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-13
  • The Beatles Rockband is REALLY the bomb! What FUN! #
  • Simon & Garfunkel to play at Jazz Fest this year. #
  • As we rode out from Fenario… #
  • and yes, I realize I wrote from, not to, in my original tweet. #
  • Here's a Peggy-O to love: http://bit.ly/5NVcqt #
  • The office mail delivery folks must be amused that Knit Picks comes to me. #
  • I have Yellow Submarine on the brain….thanks, Beatles Rockband! 🙂 #
  • Pat Robertson blames the Haitians for making a deal with the devil for this earthquake: http://bit.ly/7P0vea (Thx Tim @kalyr) #
  • I'm boggled by that, simply boggled. #
  • Just got the notification about PTO cash-out. Will be soon. #
  • Decided to take final 25 unused hours of PTO as cash. #

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