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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 6.28.01, Vail

January 14, 2010
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 6.28.01, Vail

I was lamenting the lack of new music up on archive.org and that the west coast often seems to come forget about taping shows, when I came across this “new” old tape from waaaay early on in the band’s career.  Not sure if it’s pre-Telluride 2001 or shortly thereafter, but it’s fun (and a soundboard, to boot).

The band has come a long, long way since that time.  Yes, you can hear the spark there, but nine years down the road, they’ve fulfilled the early promise of greatness many folks predicted.


 Railroad Earth
 Half Moon Saloon 
 Vail, CO

Taped by Dave McKearney

SBD - DAP1 - UA5 - WaveLab - CDWave

    Set 1:
01  Chains 
02 Stillwater Getaway
03 Luxury Liner
04 Sing For Me
05 Colorado
06 New Camptown Races
07 Bird In a House
08 Cold Water

    Set 2: 
09 Lordy Lordy
10 Birds Of America
11 Dandelion Wine
12 Came up Smilin'
13 Ragtime Annie Lee
14 Head
15 Black Bear
16 Bowling Green
17 I Am a Mess
18 Whiskey Medley
19 Seven Story Mountain
20 Everything Comes Together
21 Old Home Place

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