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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-15

January 15, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-15
  • During BBH at Stroudsburg, Andy teased The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting…). Sweet. 🙂 #
  • I am become Death, slayer of iPods. Killed second this week last night. First one is now to be named Lazarus, as it is…ALIVE! #
  • RT @diyphotography: DIYing a timelapse for 2 years. serious work: http://bit.ly/7G4G4b [very, very cool #
  • 8.20.05 (nice Wheel), 11.11.05 (Brady on Mess!), 11.24.06, 11.23.08, 11.27.09, 11.28.09 #
  • By our guesstimates, Goblin (one of our cats) is 14 years old today. #
  • Mmm…Estimated>Eyes, 5.15.77. #
  • Eyes of the World == my favorite Dead tune, bar none. #
  • Just did my PTO cash-out for 2009. Somehow, I had almost 34 hours of unused PTO. How did THAT happen?? I'll take the cash. #
  • Wii Sports are a hoot, too. Tennis, golf, bowling…a blast. I've tried baseball and liked it, too. I think we've only boxing left to try. #
  • Just had my boss send me notes on my latest eLearning: This looks really good. You are obviously getting good at this! #
  • I actually think Dollhouse, while not having a happy ending, per se, will have an uplifting one when they win in 2020. #
  • RT @kendiala: Spring 2011. My hopes are high. http://bit.ly/4SVX0z <<mine, too!!!! #
  • RT @whedonesque: [ Post ] Dollhouse finale delayed from Jan 22nd to Jan 29th http://bit.ly/7Nc7Kf #
  • Looks like there will be a Haiti Telethon on 1.22.10 across a number of networks. #
  • Carole King and James Taylor at MSG on 6.15.10. Interesting. #
  • Avatar ripped off from Disney's Pocahantas? You decide! http://bit.ly/6V9ZTl #
  • Good lord, it's almost 4 PM? Where'd the day go??? #
  • Just published my first eLearning package. w00t! #
  • heh heh. I said, "package." Heh heh. #
  • It's the weekend! #

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