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Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! (Rockband)

January 15, 2010
Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles! (Rockband)

Our Wii showed up this week, along with Guitar Hero and The Beatles Rockband.  We’ve not even tried Guitar Hero yet, because The Beatles package is simply outstanding.

We have one guitar and a drum kit, and it’s sort of evolved into Kim playing the guitar and me on the skins.  We started story-mode the other night, then deleted everything and re-started last night. On Easy, of course.

The story-mode takes you through the history of the band, starting with the Cavern Club and early tunes. You then get the Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium, Budokan (Revolver period), and then Sgt. Pepper’s in the Abbey Road studio. There’s more after that, but we’ve only gotten to there.  We also tried Helter Skelter (insane, but we did well) and Dear Prudence, which was boggling in its complexity, even on easy.

Holy wow, is this fun. We both are gaining a new appreciation for the Beatles, and me, in particular, for Ringo, whom I used to blast along with most folks.  Even on easy, some of the stuff is simply nuts.  We tried one song on Medium and my mouth was on the floor.

The current plan is to finish the story, then master all songs to 5 stars on Easy.  At that point, we’ll advance into the harder settings and see what happens.  Now we want regular Rock Band, so we can get some Dead, too.  And a bass. And a second guitar.

Oh, and Paul’s bass parts on most tracks look insane on the settings.

Can’t recommend this one enough.

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