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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-19

January 19, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-19
  • Massachuessetts better vote in a Democrat into Teddy Kennedy's seat…head of the GOP is on the news now and he's a douche. #
  • this dude has a skewed sense of history – double standards abound. #
  • ahh, it's that tool, Michael Steele #
  • about to teach a webinar I wrote for the first time. w00t! #
  • RT @WWIIToday: A peek at Hitler's stationary: http://ow.ly/VYVy Imagine the 'thank you' notes. [[ simple, yet chilling. #
  • RT @Syfy: I'm giving away a #Caprica USB drive to a random person who RTs this note by the premiere at 9pm ET on Jan. 22! #
  • Well THAT was potentially embarrassing. Had new hires show up that weren't on the schedule for PM work with me. Good times. #
  • All Those Years Ago. http://bit.ly/gWl6u #
  • Hello, Goodbye. http://bit.ly/oRGv Yes, the Beatles bug has bitten hard. #
  • Busy on the phone…insurance no longer needs pre-certifications, and podiatrist appt made for me for next Monday. Had a bad foot since Nov. #

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