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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-20

January 20, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-20
  • fuggin' computer at home…and then my blackberry was dead, so I was without twitter for…15 hours! gasp! #
  • Nope. Home machine remains unusable. Taking it to Best Buy tonight…minimally, I need them to get data off the hard drive onto my external. #
  • it's weird being forcibly disconnected. It's one thing to do so on my own, say, on a vacation. This is rough, though. 😉 #
  • advil for the foot. Damned heel pain is getting much worse. Felt it in the ankle last night. Blech. #
  • Glad I finally made that podiatrist appt. #
  • This is cool – name a SyFy monster movie contest: http://bit.ly/6ZG8Bx #
  • well piffle. Looks like most Grateful Dead tunes for Rock Band are not on the Wii. Except for…Alabama Getaway. Meh. #
  • Railroad needs to do this: http://bit.ly/7xGP2J #
  • Apparently Dr. Phil is about Farmville addiction today. Hehehe #
  • Note to self: reseat memory in home pc. Might be the RAM according to folks here. #
  • LEGION looks like it's going to fuggin' rock! #
  • Hello World! #
  • LEGO Battleship Yamato: http://bit.ly/cP6g4 <– this is amazing. #

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