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Daily Tweets for 2010-01-22

January 22, 2010
Daily Tweets for 2010-01-22
  • Sitting in Columbia's fertility center as Kim fills out paperwork. #
  • Cheezus, this woman in my group keeps scheduling meetings for Fridays at 4 PM. Damn it all. #
  • Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are. http://bit.ly/7iCsTk #
  • Video trailer for the Railroad Earth retrospective package: http://bit.ly/8QPXFF #
  • Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis has been officially cast as Conan in the remake. NICE. #
  • Of interest to some folks: The Codetalkers, performing Outer Space. http://bit.ly/6tT8VD #
  • Had yet another BSOD due to brushing against open USB cable end. #
  • Blargh, 4 PM meetings SUCK on Friday. #
  • And yes, I'm whining about it. #
  • I hate the word "telephony." It sounds…well, phony. #
  • Caprica tonight! #

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