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Thanks, Mom

May 13, 2012
Thanks, Mom

I realized this week that I haven’t written anything on this site about the impending house purchase we’re wrapping up. This coming Friday, the gods willing, we’re closing on a wonderful house in Teaneck, New Jersey. It’s a massive life change for us, that wouldn’t be happening at this point in time without my mom.

Mom, early 1950s

Mom died two Aprils ago, and anyone who has ever read this blog knows my thoughts on her were mixed, at best. I’m not going to go into details now, as I’ve said as much of that as I can or want to at this point. What happened — or didn’t, as the case may be — is past history, and I’d rather not go back down some roads.

Instead, I want to thank my mom. The inheritance we received, which was the combined one of both mom and dad, went a long way to helping us get to this point in the house purchase. I’ve never been the best when it comes to saving money, and we used the inheritance to do several things. We bought Cherise, aka RAINDNCE, outright, for one thing. She’s our wonderful 2010 VW Jetta TDI that many folks who read this will know well.

We also completely wiped out our debt. This was a big deal with which I’m sure most folks can agree. That alone set the stage to the point where we are now getting ready to up and leave the Bronx and head to greener pastures in Teaneck, NJ.

Mom, 1976 or 1977

What was left of the money at that point, we sat on. We had vague plans that we were going to… do something. Just what that something entailed, we didn’t know. Now, of course, we know. Buying this house is the scariest damned thing we’ve ever done, but in all honesty, if it hadn’t been for mom (and dad), it probably never would have happened.

So, thanks mom. We both really and truly appreciate the fact that you and dad worked hard your whole lives, and left behind something that enabled us to move forward with our own.  The future is bright — and frightening — but it’s there, partly thanks to you.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you and miss you, and wish you could have seen the house.

Mom, 1977 or 1978

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