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Squaring It Off

Squaring It Off

Yesterday was the big day — we were going to build and plant our first square foot garden. After a trip to the local Home Depot to pick up organic soil, we proceeded to begin building the garden frame.

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We got the frame built very quickly and the soil was in place, which left the planting. Again, it went quickly, and in the warm sun that was dancing in and out of the clouds yesterday, it resulted pretty much a perfect day. We’ll be adding another box in the Summer, and I would love to get four boxes into rotation next year, if this is as big a success as I expect.

We also got the deck furniture out of the garage and laid down the new rug Kim bought over the Winter. You’d never know it was so gorgeous out yesterday, given how cold and windy it is today, but getting the first gardening done goes a long way to getting over the Winter doldrums.

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