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Spring Has Sprung!

March 20, 2013
Spring Has Sprung!

Even though it snowed two days ago and it’s still bitter cold out, this morning I could see some of the bulbs peeking out from underneath the remaining snow in the front yard. I’m hopeful that the Great Bulb Murder of 2013 has ended at this point and our remaining bulbs will flourish.

Today is Ostara, which is all about balance — balance between dark and light. Cold and warmth. The Holly King and the Oak King. The Oak King grows in strength now as the days become longer and brighter, and life returns to our half of the world. The birds have been active the past few weeks, and every morning I am greeted by birdsong as I leave the house. The mourning doves, the sparrows, the grackles, they all sing with the vigor of life returning to its fullness.

It’s a beautiful time of year.

Now if only the damned weather would cooperate. I’m tired of snow, of cold. I want to sleep with windows open, to sit on the deck and relax, sipping bourbon and beer while grilling. It’s time.

Here’s a bud from our yard from last week. I look forward to much blooming in our yard!

Flowering Bush

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