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So Excited

So Excited

We’re off to see the Game of Thrones exhibit this afternoon to claim the Iron Throne. We missed it last time it was in town, and hopefully the cold outside will keep lines down on a work day. I took the afternoon off, because I really want to get my photo taken while I sit on the Iron Throne. That’ll likely become my permanent avatar over on Facebook. How could it not?

There’s a Battle of Blackwater interactive exhibit, too, which should be fun! Seeing all the costumes, weapons and armor will be great, too, as one of the many strong points of the show has been its attention to detail in those areas.

After seeing Sunday’s season première, I’m very excited for the season ahead. Having read the books for years, like most fans I’m definitely looking forward to one episode in particular, possibly two if the producers move a specific scene  into this season. I expect the internet to meltdown at least once in the weeks to come.  When I tried checking in on GetGlue the other night, I kept getting server capacity reached errors for a while, which I’ve never had before. I figure that was likely due to the double-whammy of the Game of Thrones première and The Walking Dead finale.

Speaking of the finale — wow. Very nicely done, and it drove home just how evil the Governor truly is. No spoilers in this post, but I’m contemplating a season review soon.

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