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Let's Be Measured in Our Response

April 16, 2013
Let's Be Measured in Our Response

There’s going to be a lot of vitriol in the coming days, weeks, and months once more information is known about who the people were who unleashed terror in Boston yesterday. Far right hacks have already been calling for extermination of Muslims because of this — Erik Rush of Fox News has been vocal ever since the bombings about wanting to kill them all.

Because that worked so well in the decade-plus before yesterday.

We, as a people, need to approach this cautiously and with measured thought. Whether it was foreign-born or domestic, it matters not. What matters is that justice be served under the guiding principles that have made this country so great. So let’s not call for war, for extermination; rather, let’s apply justice accordingly.

And if this turns out to have been the work of a foreign extremist group, well, the game just changed for every one of us. We’ve been lulled by the use of drones in far-off countries. The terrorists couldn’t strike here, obviously, since there’s been nothing since September 11th, 2001 – well, nothing but our own manic obsession with guns, not to mention the unsolved anthrax attacker from 2001-2002…

Don’t succumb to fear, as that way leads to darkness; that way leads to fascism and worse. We need to stand tall and offer a symbol to the world that terrorism does not work as policy. We will not be bowed and broken by its use.

If it was domestic terrorism, then that, too, needs to be addressed properly and justice must be served.

My heart goes out to the people of Boston, to the runners and their friends and family who endured something no one should ever have to face. I’ve been through it, here in New York City. I know what must be running through their minds.


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