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First Harvest

First Harvest

Friday evening, we harvested the first of our French breakfast radishes. These should have been ready a month ago, but due to the continued cold this spring they’re only now finally ready to eat.

We were discussing that perhaps, due to the rather large amount of rabbit activity, we should set aside a small offering to them with the thought that by doing so, it may discourage them from trying to actually get into the raised beds.

Paying the Rabbit Price, as it were.

We harvested five of the radishes — they were small and delicate looking — and went over to the side of the driveway where we’re leaving grass and wildflowers growing high. The rabbits hang out there, munching on the flowers, so it seems (to us, at least) a smart idea to keep them there, instead of elsewhere. As we placed the radish on the ground, we looked to the left and what was next to the car, not fifteen feet away, but one of the bunnies.

He was still, of course, since we were there. Kim picked up the radish and gently tossed it halfway between us and the rabbit. It didn’t move.

We went to the front of the house, then, walking on the other side of the car to not disturb His Bunnyness. I peeked around the back of the car and he was cleaning himself, rather like Joxer. Go figure — most rabbits I’ve seen in my life would have bolted away with us that close. Not these, apparently.

After the nightly tour of the entire yard (it’s become our tradition when I come home from work), we went inside to prepare the radishes.

They are, in a word, delicious. Kim bought some cultured butter to go with them, and with the radishes topped off with it, we discovered to our delight how wonderful they were. We only had two, each, but the taste was simply perfect.

I eagerly await more.


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