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When All The Leaves Have Fallen And Turned To Dust…

When All The Leaves Have Fallen And Turned To Dust…

I go through phases about my family. I will go many months without thinking about them — except for my oldest sister, Diane, who I’m friends with on Facebook — and then, I get the idea that I’d like to try to repair the broken bonds. I’m responsible for some of it, I know, but really, it’s a two-way street. I’m here, they all have my cell phone number, at the very least, and all should know my email address, seeing as it’s been the same for about a decade.

Last year, when we bought the House on a Hill, I emailed all three siblings with the news and a link to some photos on Flickr. I heard back from Diane and my brother, Ray, but never a word from Lorraine.  I’ve thought a bit about it, and recently started thinking that maybe, just maybe, my email was caught in her work’s spam filter. That seems a reasonable enough assumption to me. It happens enough to me, so surely it’s possible with her.

The photo set has grown a bit since last year as shown in the link, and I decided yesterday to contact them again and send on the updated set. I had an idea, though, about the email, so taking a deep breath, I texted Lorraine, asking if she had a personal email address she uses, that I wanted to send house pictures. I was surprised and anxious when she replied almost immediately.

It was quickly obvious that she didn’t want to share the address with me. I ended with sending her a photo from my phone, and got this in response:

“Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with everything.”

I quickly typed back, “Thanks” and that was that.

I’d say that’s a pretty definitive brush-off. Four texts from her, that was it.  I’ve talked many times about my family on the blog, most recently here, and  I know if there’s to be any sort of reconciliation with any of them, I need to be the one who does the work.

I guess I was just taken aback by the indifference I received via text from her. You can’t choose your blood family, but you can choose the family you make. I like to think I’ve chosen rather well, thank you very much!

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