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That Which Binds the World Together is…Ravelry?

June 27, 2013
That Which Binds the World Together is…Ravelry?

We’re near the end of our Lync roll-out/deployment now, with our last practice group going live this morning. The system defaults include using your employee ID photo as your on-screen persona. You can change this, of course, so I selected a photo Kim snapped of me from a few years back. I’m wearing a winter hat she knit for me, a Railroad Earth hoodie, and my arms crossed..

I used this photo on the firm’s Trainers web page, which introduces all of us, so it was a no-brainer to use it for my Lync photo.

As a result, when I am training someone across the Firm, I get comments. Just today, here in NYC, I’ve had two different secretaries comment on the hat and how much they like it, to which I replied that Kim knit it.

Both immediately asked, “Is she on Ravelry?”

I laughed. My wife’s coolness trumps mine ever the day, even at work. Ravelry is a big knitting site that many knitters gravitate towards, and Kim’s been there for some time, although not as active on the forums as she once was.

This is the photo, although they only see a very tiny version of it, with most of the extra space cropped out.

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