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Back in the Saddle

July 22, 2013
Back in the Saddle

My, that week off went quickly. I took the car for its yearly service, we had several doctor appointments, I got to play one of my PC games a bit, we saw Pacific Rim (it rocked), and we entertained Kim’s sister-wife on Saturday.

It sounds like we didn’t do much, but really, the week just flew by. I think it’s partly because we’re getting caught up on Dexter — we saw all seasons five and six, and are on seven now, so we can get caught up with the new season. What a great show, and I’m really glad we started watching it again. We’d stopped during season three, when Kim was going through her third surgery, and just never got back to it.

This morning was torturous for me. Around 3 AM, I started waking up hourly, thinking I slept through the alarm. I didn’t, of course, but the effects of that will be felt as the day progresses. Ugh.

It only took me an hour to get caught up with e-mail today, which is a record for me when coming back from vacation. It’s quiet, which is good.

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