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Deep Breath Time

July 29, 2013
Deep Breath Time

My oldest sister, whom I’ve gone on about on the blog, has asked if she can stay with us for a couple of nights in a few weeks. She’s wants to catch up with an old friend in the city and needs a place to crash.

Obviously, I have mixed feelings. We spoke on the phone recently for the first time in three years and it went well. I’m finding myself filled with anxiety at the thought of her actually showing up at my doorstep. This isn’t the sister who blew me off via text – that’s the younger of the two. Diane has at times been a very good friend to me, but it always seems that we fall into the traditional oldest child (her)/youngest child (me) relationship after a while. Frankly, that’s usually something she starts.

So it’ll be with a deep breath later that I let her know it’s fine to come.

Thank the gods I have Kim to keep me sane.

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