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My Thoughts on Blackberrys

August 1, 2013
My Thoughts on Blackberrys

I’ve said it many times in other forums, but since this is my bully pulpit, it’s high time I used it to bitch about Blackberry.

Blackberrys suck.

I’ve been a fan of RIM’s devices for a decade, dating back to my first legal job in 2004. It’s hard to remember a time I didn’t have one. Initially, I only used the email part, and occasionally the phone, but over time, I added uses, such as texting, twitter, and eventually Facebook. I struggled early on with the crappy browser, and never had a good experience with their app store.

Two years ago, I received what will be my last Blackberry. It’s a 9860, which means it had no keyboard – it was a touch screen. My previous device had been a first generation Storm, which I loved. Very quickly, though, the 9860 revealed itself to be a lemon. I updated the O/S a few times, but basically, the phone freezes probably six to ten times a day now, with battery removal required two or three times.

The battery life is also problematic — I’m lucky if I can get five or six hours use out of it. Even using foursquare a smidge drains huge amounts of the battery.

We are offering up Blackberry Z10 and Q10 models, but I think those are RIM’s last hurrah. Yes, they’re the number one phone in Asia, but it’s only a matter of time before they finally go under, I think. A pity, as they should never have ceded leadership of the phone market to Apple, of all companies. (Yes, I know other companies such as Samsung are offering better phones, but in the 2008-2010 era, Apple demolished RIM, and RIM’s leadership didn’t get why that happened.)

Fortunately, I’m going to be shifting in the next month or two to a new phone, hopefully a Samsung Galaxy S3 (I’ve heard complaints that the S4 feels cheaper). I’ll finally be in the 20-Teens with a modern smartphone!

I’m sort of excited…

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