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My Thoughts on Next Week’s Special Election in New Jersey

August 8, 2013
My Thoughts on Next Week’s Special Election in New Jersey

Researching the Jersey special Senate election, I’ve come to the realization that Rush Holt is a pretty great candidate. He’s a nuclear physicist who has beaten IBM’s super computer at Jeopardy (non-televised, though), and was on Jeopardy many years ago as a contestant and won five games. From wikipedia, comes the meat:

In 2009, the National Journal rated him as one of the eight most liberal members of the House of Representatives.[33] Holt’s rankings released by various interest groups reflect his liberal views. Since 2009, he has been rated 100 percent in accordance with the interests of the following interest groups, among others: American Public Health Association, Americans for Democratic America, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.[34]

Holt is a member of the New Democrat Coalition and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In the 113th Congress he serves as co-chair of the Energy Task Force in the New Democrat Coalition. He received a grade of 100% on the progressive Drum Major Institute’s 2005 and 2007 Congressional Scorecards on middle-class issues, and he is consistently scored well by that organization.[35][36]

Cory Booker is going to win – by a wide margin – but Holt seems to be the better candidate for New Jersey, and will get my vote next Tuesday.

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