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A Quiet, Enjoyable Weekend

August 12, 2013
A Quiet, Enjoyable Weekend

We spent this weekend doing leisurely things (mostly), which was exactly what I needed.

Friday night we watched the first Thor, having never gotten around to it until now. This was a really fun movie, with Kenneth Branagh hitting all the right notes of the character. I think I liked the Bifrost Bridge re-imagining the best, with all the effects in the film bringing Asgard and Jotunheim to life.

Saturday we went on one of our random drives after stopping at a local farm. We stopped at an antiques shop in Boonton that had some furniture outside to draw attention – which worked! For a small shop, quite a few people were stopping in. We ended up buying some things for the grand total of $10. We stopped at a liquor store and bought some crazy mead and beer. One of the meads was made with hops, and it was delicious.

We spent pretty much all of Saturday night outside on the deck, first grilling, then talking and looking up for meteors. A combination of it being too early and the NYC metro area meant we didn’t see anything, and finally called it a night after midnight. It was a very enjoyable evening, despite the lack of meteors.

Yesterday was all about yard work for me. I find I don’t dread doing work outside, which I thought I would when we were first house hunting last year. I enjoy it. I get out in the sun, and I get to help make things pretty. We did throw in the towel with our front bed, as I mowed over everything except the peony. We’ll start again next year and plan it better. Some of the plants may come back, too, which would be nice, since it was predominantly huecheras I cut.

Last night we started up with Breaking Bad again. We watched the first two episodes when they first ran, but due to various things, we never kept up. That is now being corrected.

A very fine weekend, for sure. I’m off to the DC office mid-week, for a few days, coming back Friday, so the week will be busy!

I hope everyone’s weekend was pleasant as well.

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