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Weekend Plans

August 16, 2013
Weekend Plans

I leave DC this afternoon and make it back to Jersey in time for Koreen to pick me up at Newark Penn Station, and then off we go to a Jersey Jackals baseball game with Kim, Barbara and Johnny, Bob and I think Aileen and/or Tyler.

Tomorrow we’re off on another bar crawl with Mark and Kim, this time in Queens. We’re going to more bars on the beer passport we picked up last month. Basically, it’s good for one craft beer in each bar we hit, and I think there’s thirty-eight bars, total. For thirty dollars, it’s a bargain the more bars you hit. Add in the company, and it’s going to be a very fun day.

I hope everyone else’s plans are fun! The weather in the northeast will be gorgeous.

I also hope my copy of Numenera shows up soon…I’m itching to see what Monte Cook has, er, cooked up.

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