everything old is new again


So… what’s this all about? Why the change again?

 In April of 2002, I began my original blog, The Gamer’s Nook, using Blogger. Kim (my darling wife), had been using BlogWorks (and started a week or two before me), which I migrated over to until August of 2002, when we made the move to Moveable Type. For several years, I was an avid political poster, documenting the multitude of outrages perpetrated by the US Government in my name.

 And actually had little to say about gaming, the original idea of the blog. So in 2005, we both got new URLs and migrated things to them. The blog titles and URLs come from a Railroad Earth song, The Butterfly & The Tree, one of our favorite songs by the band.

 And still, my blogging dropped in frequency and eventually, this site became more or less a Railroad Earth blog. I also broke the old blog’s comments early on in its life cycle, so had been debating wiping things clean for a long, long time. When Kim finally broke her blog in December of 2007, I decided it was time to update mine as well. Which is where this comes into play.

 Who am I? I’m a husband, a gamer, a wanna-be writer. I’m a software trainer for the soon-to-be-largest law firm in the world, and I love my job. I’m a fan of the best damned band in the land. I used to be in a folk group called The Wandering Haggis. I’m a hippie at heart and a liberal in my soul.

 Or, to quote the song:

“I am a butterfly, you are a tree.”

 -The Tree